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2012 Jun 30

The Sangh has come out quite strongly against Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar for his observation that the NDA should have a secular prime minister who can carry all sections of the society with him.

What prompted Nitish to come out with this outburst is for the political analysts to decipher. But the Sangh’s response clearly places on it the burden to clearly define Hindutva to all those Hindus who believe and practice Sanatan Dharm.

I am a practicing Hindu. I was given diksha by his holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Dwarka and Joshi Math in 1983.I regularly pray every day for half an hour and have been doing this since 1969 when I was given Gayatri Mantra after I got my 'Yagyo Pavit Sansakar'.

I have nine temples at my residence at Raghogarh in Guna District MP. Pooja is performed every day according to the traditions as prescribed by my religion. This has been going on for more than 14 generations in all the above temples.

My mother was deeply religious and inculcated religious values in all of us. She taught us respect for all religions and love and compassion for all human beings. She kept a fast on Ekadashi all her life. We have imbibed these values from her and I have done the same for almost 20 years.

Have been visiting Pandharpur to pray at Vitho Ba's feet on every Asadi Ekadashi since last 21 years.

Yet Sangh and BJP and their brigade calls me anti Hindu !

My Guru Shankaracharya ji has been unable to explain the meaning of Hindutva which I believe was first used by Veer Savarkar a staunch Arya Samaji who was vehemently against Sanatan Dharm. The intolerance of the Arya Samaj towards Sanatan Dharm is well known . The Arya Samaj does not even allow the use of its premises for religious rites as per Sanatan Dharm.

I have few questions for Mohan Bhagwatji as the head of the Sangh. I don't think he would respond to my questions but would be very grateful if he did.

  1. Is destroying Babri Masjid or any place of worship Hindutva?
  2. Is planting bombs to kill innocent people Hindutva?
  3. Is spreading hatred against other religion Hindutva?
  4. Why object to the very word secularism when you say that Hindutva is a synonym for secularism?
  5. If Hindutva is synonymous with secularism, what is the problem with a secular prime minister?

I would as a devout follower of Sanatan Dharm would like to know from Mohan Bhagwatji the difference between ideals of Hindutva and ideals of Sanantan Dharm.

Would he please oblige?