Digvijaya Singh

Questions to Saint Modi

Questions to Saint Modi

By - Digvijaya Singh


A lot had been written debated and discussed about Snoopgate but Gujarat Government has stuck to its stand.

Amit Shah and his Saheb asked the Gujarat Police to track the Lady and Tap her phone to protect her !

Granted . But did the Gujarat Police follow the Law of the Land in Tapping her phone. A certain procedure has to be followed under IT Act and Indian Telegraph Act, both Central Act.

Were those procedures followed by the Gujarat Police is the issue to be examined by the Commission.

Gujarat Government jumped the gun for obvious reasons and set up a Commission.

The Government of India reacted rather late and inspite of the decision to set up a Commission to enquire into the Snoopgate issue the GOI has initiated steps to appoint a Judge !

Indresh Kumar has now bestowed Sainthood to Modi !

May I ask the Saint Narendra Modi to answer following questions ?

I know he treats commoners like me with contempt which we deserve but still I would like to bring these questions in Public Domain.


  1. Who owns Ecolibrium Energy?
  2. How did it get the prestigious Smart Grid Project?
  3. Did this Bangalore based company have prior experience in the field?
  4. What is the connection Narendra Modi has with the Soni family which owns Ecolibrium Energy?
  5. Is there any quid pro quo?
  6. What is the relationship between Narendra Modi and Pranlal Soni?
  7. Would Gujarat Government tell us how many contracts have Ecolibrium Energy been given after the Snoopgate and worth how much ?


I would have used RTI to get this information but then RTI is not operational in Gujarat !

Why ? Because Modi doesn't believe in Empowerment of commoners but empowerment of HIMSELF !