Narendra Modi’s US Visit : The Real Picture !

Wilson Battu

With following images as a backdrop, I would like all my friends and followers on Facebook to know that I have been in the US for the last three decades and have been very politically active, informed and have witnessed most newsworthy events. My posts have been mainly to inform (and disillusion) the starry goggle eyed, MODIfied individuals of the facts. What you learned, saw and read in India , that hired (and paid) Indian media fed you, has been far from truth.

  1. In a rare denial of protocol, neither Obama nor the Vice President Biden or any US official of high cadre, was present to receive Modi on his arrival.
  2. The much hyped about Madison Square Garden event was organized and paid for by Indian Embassy with Indian Tax money and some money was collected by selling high priced tickets to gullible Indian diaspora.
  3. Obama made Modi wait for three days before granting him an audience.
  4. Michelle Obama opted out of the state “dinner”.
  5. Unlike, when the then PM, Manmohan Singh visited, there was no photo-op on the front steps of the White House – a standard protocol awarded to all visiting foreign dignitaries.
  6. Modi was housed at a US guest house across the street from the White House. He was not offered the Lincoln Room in WH that is reserved and rewarded to only highly respected foreign dignitaries.
  7. He could have stayed at “The Pierre” in New York as it is owned by Tatas but the WH wanted to restrict his movements and visitors. (Iran’s ex-President Ahmadinejad was only allowed to go from his hotel to the UN Assembly hall and back. Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi had to sleep in a tent in New York’s Central Park as American hotels refused to rent him a room).
  8. While Indian TV channels were flooded with news and videos of “Rock Star” reception of Modi, they forgot to tell you that all the “guests” had bought high priced tickets in hope of gaining expedited business licenses in India.
  9. The only reason American media spared a 15 second segment of Modi’s visit was because of his dubious past about the 2002 carnage or the delivery of court summons to him.
  10. CNN ran a pre-recorded (and edited) interview of Modi, by an Indian-American reporter Fareed Zakaria. ABC, NBC, FOX etc TV channels did not consider his visit worthy of special airtime.
  11. New York Times, New York Post, Daily News, Newsday etc spared a small insignificant column space deep inside their publications on 6th, 8th or 10th page.
  • Narendra Modi’s US Visit : The Real Pictures !
  • Narendra Modi’s US Visit : The Real Pictures !
  • Narendra Modi’s US Visit : The Real Pictures !
  • Narendra Modi’s US Visit : The Real Pictures !
  • Narendra Modi’s US Visit : The Real Pictures !
  • Narendra Modi’s US Visit : The Real Pictures !

Eleanor Roosevelt, a former US First Lady and wife of President Theodore Roosevelt, had once said, “Nothing that happens in politics is a surprise. Everything is pre-planned and calculated”.