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ANSWERED ON 16.12.2014

Proposal under Indira Awas Yojana

Will the Minister of RURAL DEVELOPMENT be pleased to satate :-

  • a) the number of cases referred to the Central Government by the State Government under Indira AwaasYojana during the last five years;
  • b) the number of cases in which action has been taken; and
  • c) the number of cases in which action is yet to be taken?


Minister for Rural Development Shri Birendra Singh

(a) to (c) : Indira AwaasYojana (IAY) is an ongoing allocation based Scheme under which the funds are allocated and physical targets fixed in respect of the States/UTs based on 75% housing shortage and 25% poverty ratio as well as the annual availability of financial resources with the Scheme.

The funds are released in two instalments annually. 1st instalment is released in respect of all districts, who have taken the second instalment in the previous year. The districts who have not received the 2nd instalment of previous financial year have to submit proposals for first instalment alongwith all requisite documents which were required to be submitted for release of 2nd instalment.

The proposals for 2ndinstallment are required to be submitted by the States/UTs. The proposals are examined and the funds are released in the same financial year. Details of State/UT-wise funds allocated and released under IAY during the last five years are given in the Annexure-I.

In addition, according to para 3.2.4 of the programme guidelines, five percent of Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) allocation is retained at the Centres as reserve funds for Special Project proposals posed by the States/UTs for the purpose of rehabilitation of families affected by natural calamities etc. As and when such proposals are received from the State Governments, the Ministry considers them for sanction.

A statement showing State-wise funds released for Special Project proposals under IAY for last five years is given in Annexure-II.

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Rajya Sabha Question Number 2467 about Proposals under Indira Awas Yojana asked by Digvijaya Singh