Congress Have Full Internal Democracy

Congress Have Full Internal Democracy – Digvijay Singh Exclusive Interview

Digvijay Singh, Senior Leader of Congress and General Secretary of All India Congress Committee(AICC) and Member of Parliament for Rajya Sabha from Madhya Pradesh. He is considered to be the very close to party’s vice president Rahul Gandhi. He is also known for his un-expected speeches and also as a political astrologer who was predicted first the political ambitions of Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and many more.

Here we have the detailed interview of Digvijay Singh about the downfall of congress party and their future plans to recover.Here is the detailed transcript of Exclusive Interview of Digvijay Singh’s with Aditya Sharma.

Aditya Sharma: After the General elections we have seen some changes in the way congress party functioning like congress party distanced itself completely form the leaders who are having corruption charges or any other allegations and looking for clean and fresh faces for them. What are the other internal changes you see in the congress and what it still needs?

Digvijay Singh:Congress is going through the process of introspection and after AK Antony Committee Report has come Rahul Gandhi has discussed with Senior Congress Leaders and now the background paper is being discussed in States and finally it would be discussed in AICC and the road map finalized.

In the meantime our Congress Membership campaign is on and basis of which next Organization would be held.

Aditya: From the long time lots of your allies and your own party leaders left the party and joined other parties specially BJP and some of the leaders joined AAP(only in Delhi). What you say this an opportunism or just lack of connect in party as it is also lacking connect in public also?

Digvijay Singh:This is not unusual. It happened in 1977 and 1989. But these are all who are in Politics for personal gains and not because of Ideological Commitment.

Aditya: Don’t you think that internal democracy is something which is still lacking in the congress party? Whenever someone asks about the future president of the party everyone simply said that everyone in the party wants Rahul Gandhi to be the president but the point is that there are huge people in the party who does not want him to be the president but no one dares to speak in public about it. Whoever dared was expelled from the party? What you want to say about that?

Digvijay Singh:No I don’t agree we have full internal Democracy in Congress. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have always had widest possible discussions before taking decisions at all levels.

Aditya: Your party always talking about the distribution of power and saying that Modi is work like a dictator but don’t you agree that your own party and government runs from 10, Janpath then how will you distribute the power and talk about Modi’s dictator ship when your own party run with a same method?

Digvijay Singh:Certainly not. We, all office bearers of AICC and PCC and lower officials of the subordinate committees have the authority to take their own decisions. I as General Secretary have never been over ruled on matters which I am handling.

Aditya: Are you saying us that you can overrule the decision of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi when it comes to the matters you handles?

Digvijay Singh:No we can’t but we don’t have to when they accept our proposal as we suggest.

Aditya: Rahul Gandhi who is completely failed in every election he campaigned still you and lots of other party leaders want to work under his leadership. “People don’t even know why?” There might be one reason that congress party don’t want to get rid from this dynasty politics or they don’t have capable person for this job. What you think? Can you tell us what is special in Rahul’s leadership?

Digvijay Singh:Why no one asked this question when he led us to victory in 2004 and 2009? He campaigned in State Assembly Elections which we won. He doesn’t lack Leadership qualities and I am convinced.

Aditya: Rahul Gandhi who is considered as a youth leader but still not accessible to youth through the social media platforms which are used by youth mostly, He even does not intrect with media often only make speeches does not answer questions. How he wants to connect with people then because individually connect is obviously not possible in such big country?

Digvijay Singh:I agree with you here. He must come on Social Media which is an important forum to interact with the Youth.

Aditya: You always said that Modi win because of marketing skills don’t you have the capacity to implement such marketing skills in your own party? Instead of that your keep focused your campaigns on Communal and Secular agenda which is a failed agenda. Don’t you think now you should stop this communal secular agenda and concentrate on marketing the progressive agenda?

Digvijay Singh:BJP’s internal agenda has always been Communal Divisive Agenda which is now in the Public Domain. Their Development Plank was an eye wash. No Nation can develop if it is divided on Communal Lines. Look at, what is happening in Pakistan.

Even US President had to remind us on the individual rights of every Citizen to Profess Practice and Propagate his Religion. No Nation can progress with a Divisive Agenda.

Aditya: Last but not the least I want ask you that how much time your party still takes in rebirth and to start to make connect in public? In your words How much time it takes to gain its glory back and in Rahul Gandhi to take on?

Digvijay Singh:We have another 4 years at the National level and we are in the process of taking all possible steps.

We are sure to bounce back because Modi has promised the Moon which he can’t deliver.

He fooled the People on the issue of Black Money promising every Citizen a sum of 3 Lakhs in every account. People are waiting.