This is a Blog written by a Young Woman who is a Cancer Patient.

She is deeply religious and her faith is keeping her going in her struggle against Cancer.

She is deeply disturbed by Political Parties to put a Political personality above God.

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I am deeply disturbed and sad today,

I am deeply disturbed and sad today, because a certain someone who shall not be named and his short sighted followers have hurt where it hurts most. I am praying to god everyday for good health so i can fight cancer and see my son grow up. Everyday when i pray and read Durga Chalisa..the praise to our sacred Devi reads Namo Namo Durgay...her praise is deeply personal deeply spirutial, for a political party to use this very sacred hymn to propogate their cheap political agenda reeks of Blasephmy

Slowly ominously the dark forces of evil are gathering strengthening in numbers....forces of who shall not be named....but his elevation to demi god status via deep religious iconography...should open the eyes of all deeply spiritual people who value in the true beliefs of oneness.

As a Hindu who beleives in one god but follows the Hindu Dharma as a personal practice it hurts my spirutial practice to have an ambitious political agenda propogated to elevate a mortal with questionable moral ethics to demi god status!!..I pray to Lord Mahadev the God of destruction to sort this man....